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NPRC Assists in Considering Enhancements to Wage Reporting

In 2012, the federal/state Workforce Information Council established an Administrative Wage Record Enhancement Study Group to examine the feasibility of adding new data elements to the quarterly wage record reports that employers submit to all states as part of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) system.

This group is considering whether enhanced wage reporting could improve labor market information systems, which are generally survey-based today. Improved labor market information could have profoundly beneficial effects on students, educational institutions and the U.S. economy, so consideration of enhancements should be applauded.

NPRC members administer all aspects of data collection, reporting and compliance with the UI laws, rules and systemic requirements of every state. Consequently, NPRC represents a critical and unique perspective on the feasibility and practical implications of adding new elements to wage record data.

As always, NPRC remains strictly neutral on whether proposals affecting employer reporting are appropriate or necessary, or whether the benefit may be outweighed by the associated burden on employers. We serve only to provide technical and practical considerations for such proposals.

Last updated January 12, 2015